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Ever since January I have been consumed with doctor appointment after appointment and then surgery after surgery with chemo treatments in between them all.  It’s been physically exhausting not only for myself, but for my family as well.  I just completed six weeks of weekly chemo which consisted of Taxol and Herceptin and have a 10-day break before I begin radiation on the October 22nd.  We knew this was coming up and wanted to just get away from everything and just have fun.  For the past four years we have always gone to Disneyland for Fall Break, but didn’t know if it was going to happen this year or not.  With all the stress Cancer can put on a family both emotionally and financially, was it smart to even go anywhere?

Back in August, a couple of friends of ours had a fundraiser for us at the gym (The happenings of August itself requires its own blog post because it was an amazing month).  When the money was presented to us, Jeremy said this money is to take your family on a vacation.  It will allow Chad to take some time off of work and ease the burden while allowing you to do something fun as a family.  We knew right away where our children would want to go and so our yearly tradition was not broken this year.  A trip to California was scheduled and the stress of how to make it work disappeared!

It was while on this vacation that I decided I would debut my new “hairdo” (key word is hair, not wig or scarf…hair).  Nobody would know that this look was not the “norm” for me either.   To make sure I didn’t chicken out, I purposely didn’t even pack myself scarfs or wigs to wear.  I was all in!  I wanted to save myself any embarrassment anyway when I rode the Tower of Terror.  Couldn’t you just imagine the picture they take as the elevator drops?  We all drop and my wig stays mid-air!  Now that would be a pretty cool picture.  haha

The wig/scarf business was getting rather difficult anyway with the fuzz I had going on and the forecast for the week was set to be a hot one anyway.  I should have lost my hair again with the six weeks of weekly chemo that I had just finished prior to this trip, but for some odd reason…….I kept it.  I did lose my eyebrows and eyelashes again, but to keep that inch of hair on top my noggin was HUGE!

First up……Disneyland!



So, this balloon is rather funny. It represented just how my body was feeling the past few months. lol


Kambree was made up to be a princess for a day. She chose to be Cinderella and loved getting her picture taken in the carriage. She had the time of her life and quite frankly, so did I watching her.



Every year we visit Disneyland for Halloween. We take this holiday very serious as you can tell. We were the Ghostly Baird family this year. You go big or you go home, isn't that what they say? I love that my family goes along with my crazy ideas! What was even more entertaining was all of the people wanting to take their pictures with us. The Asian folks thought we had escaped from the Haunted Mansion and were going nuts! Fun night for sure...









After four days at Disneyland, one day at Universal Studios and one day at Knotts Berry Farm this girl was beat. There were many smiles and tears and tons of memories made during this past week and I took it all in. Seeing the smiles on these kids faces makes my heart smile. Love each and every one of them!

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