Since this blog will be read by people who may not know our history together, I thought I had better get ya’ll up-to-date.  Ever since Ash and I have been together (22 years) I have often called her by her nickname, Sunshine.  When she calls me on the phone, that’s still the name that shows up….Sunshine.  I have called her this since we were in the 10 grade.  Yes, we are high school sweethearts.  It was my Papa that would give her the name.  I remember him always saying that everytime he saw her she was as bright as the sunshine!  He was right!  If you know anything about Ashley, you know she has a magnetic personality and a contagious smile. This, along with her gorgeous blonde hair is what attracted me to her (and the fact that she could out ride me on my motorcycle)!

Here is a picture of us back in the day shortly after we were married.

And a more recent photo, yeah were not as young as we used to be.  This was just taken in March of 2011 on our trip together to China.

Our journey through this life has been incredible, amazing, and priceless.  We have 5 of the most awesome kids around.  I know everybody thinks their kids are awesome, but I really do have some of the best chitlins around.   We’ve had our struggles through life, which seem so minor now, where we have learned from mistakes, and it just recently seemed that we were finally plugging along in life and all was well.

On January 12, 2012 we encountered the real “great” storm in our life.   My Sunshine of so many years was diagnosed with Stage IV, Triple Negative Breast Cancer.   For more information on what Triple Negative Breast Cancer is, visit  In a nutshell, Triple N is a very rare and very aggressive cancer that doesn’t respond to many of the treatments available to woman with breast cancer.  We are currently engaged in a battle and are fighting it like Baird’s do.  Like with all storms, the dark clouds, thunder and rain eventually end and the Sun always finds a way to shine again!   This site will be a place for us to share our journey as we battle through this storm and get our “Sunshine” back.  Check out the What’s New section to follow her story.

Like the ocean needs the moon to take the tides away
All we need is a little time to chase the blues away
Sun is out and it feels like its always gonna stay.
Let this last forever….turn tomorrow into yesterday.
The Sun will shine after the rain!


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